compLexity Dota Adds wayto and MJW

BY Andrew Miesner / September 2, 2015

Last week we announced on Friday that David ‘Moonmeander’ Tan and Tal ‘Fly’ Aizik had parted ways with the coL.DOTA team and the organization. Today we are proud to announce our completed roster for the upcoming season and the challenges that lie ahead.

Taking on the support role, we have none other than TI veteran and NA warrior Peter ‘wayto’ Nguyen. As one of the most experienced players in the North American scene, wayto has been part of Team Liquid, Dignitas, and most recently Mouz. He has traveled the world, played on the some of biggest stages and gathered experience and knowledge. Knowledge that he will now share with the compLexity Gaming DOTA 2 squad on their journey towards the first Major.

While wayto is a known face in the community, compLexity Gaming has always put an emphasis on talent and potential. So it is our great pleasure to introduce Michael ‘MJW’ Nguyen to the big scene as our new offlaner. He has big shoes to grow into, but both the team and organization have faith in the former Ehug player’s skills, determination,and commitment. His aggressive style and playmaking ability, coupled with a willingness to learn, adapt and work together with a brand new team in a brand new environment.

Captain of coL.DOTA Kyle ‘swindlezz’ Freedman had this to say:

“Tal and David’s departures from the team no doubt hurts our team synergy and experience in the short term. MJW and Wayto were my preferred replacements because they both have a considerable amount of room to grow, and the intense drive and willingness to try that ensures they will continue to improve, whether we win or lose. We will be a better team than we were last year. The goal I outlined when we first joined compLexity has not changed. In time I’m certain we will succeed.”

As part of the preparation for the the big upcoming events and the first major, the entire team will once more gather in the coL.DOTA team house later this week. The new coL.DOTA will play their first matches live from Portorož, Slovenia as part of the Gaming Paradise LAN, starting September 10th. Stay tuned for more info on coL.DOTA, and as always, thank you to the fans for your continued support!

compLexity Dota 2 Roster