compLexity: Evolution

BY Andrew Miesner / January 16, 2009

    By: Jim “sox” Robinson


   A little over a month ago, we went through a major change that sent shockwaves throughout the e-Sports community.  Our longtime, faithful counter-strike team deserted us in a time of need and left us for dead.  All around the community there have been forum topics, posts, and other messages saying how, “the compLexity Syndicate would never recover and be the same top-tier organization they once were.”  One thing those people let slip their minds is who we have as the head of this organization, and that person is Jason “1” Lake.  Many of these people have also underestimated this man and what he is capable of when backed into a corner.


       The one thing this organization has over a majority, if not all the others, is that the fan base is always going to be supportive of whatever happens. With fans like that, you can’t help but to succeed.  “Without a team coL can’t succeed,” you say?  Well, “Guess who’s back, back again, sunmans back, tell your friends.”  Yes that was a corny Eminem song quote, but it was almost too perfect not to use.  The rumors that have been going around for the past week or so that a JMC/compLexity merger could happen turned out to be true, confirmed by Jason Lake himself.  Along with Justin “sunman” Summy, we have former NoA and Team 3D superstar Mikey “method” So. And on the topic of Team 3D, Salvatore “Volcano” Garozzo will be coming along with Method. coL.cs also has Erik “Da Bears” Stromberg, formerly of Jax Money Crew,  and last but not least, David “zid” Chin.  compLexity has also decided to pick up two FIFA players, Yfran “Eafra” Garcia and Bardia “Barmoa” Maoyedi.


       This would normally leave some questions about where the other “crew” members in the Jax Money Crew organization will end up, such as the owner, Alex “JaX” Conroy.  Amazingly, he will be accompanying his newly acquired team to the new compLexity Syndicate organization as the CDO (Chief Development Officer.)  Along with JaX himself, the organization will also be bringing on Jason “Anomoly” Bass, who was the Vice-President of Gotfrag in their peak years. These three guys together (by your powers combined.. I AM.. j/k), will form a management dream team in what seems to be the makings of one of the best organization “front-offices” ever put together.

There you have it people, a rundown of the new and improved compLexity Syndicate.  We appreciate all your support and definitely all of the patience.  Enjoy the new website, the new organization, and prepare for one exciting taste of the future of e-Sports.