compLexity Featured in iDigitalTimes Article

BY Andrew Miesner / October 5, 2015

Today, an article featuring compLexity Gaming was released in the iDigitalTimes. Written by Scott Craft, the article dives into the history of compLexity, as well as the future of the organization and eSports as a whole.

Below is an excerpt from the piece:

It’s a familiar refrain; one the players say they hear from many of their peers, too. Unlike traditional sports, which tend to fill professional teams with athletes who’ve dedicated most of their lives to the sport in question, Friesen and Freedman say many professional gamers just sort of fall into it. Obviously, they’re aware they have some skill at the game(s) they play; however, both Friesen and Freedman were adamant about their currently title never really being in the plans. It just sort of happened.

“I was actually going to quit,” Friesen admits. “But then I just kept winning. And I just kept going to events. We weren’t being salaried. And then, eventually, we started getting salaried.”

 “The common storyline with each of us is…nobody knows why or how it happens. It really just happens for a bunch of people. And I’m no different,” Freedman says. “It just happens. Then you show up. Then it’s like six years later and you’re going to go move into a house with your teammates. And your whole life revolves around becoming the best at a video game.”

While tournaments remain synonymous with the best opportunities to earn a living, as a professional gamer, few could argue that Twitch has permanently altered the competitive gaming landscape. The benefits aren’t always tangible, at least for players without their own individual followings. But all three of the compLexity representatives who spoke with iDigitalTimes agreed that the rise of streaming has been nothing but a boon for professional gamers and their teams.

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