compLexity Fortnite Adds Lanjok

BY Andrew Miesner / March 13, 2019

One more ticket for the Battle Bus! We’re excited to welcome the newest addition to coL.Fortnite Adrian “Lanjok” Roberts!

As one of the most winning free agents in Fortnite, Lanjok was a hot commodity on his own, but also as part of a duo. The other half of that duo just happens to already represent compLexity. As partners Lanjok and Punisher have been highly successful in a number of events, most recently capturing the points total in the Share the Love duos event. With the addition of another young talent, coL.Fortnite is looking strong for the upcoming Fornite World Cup.

Welcome to the coL Familia, Lanjok! Give him a follow on Twitter and Twitch!