compLexity Fortnite Adds xil

BY Andrew Miesner / December 30, 2018

Back in April we opened the compLexity Fortnite division with an impressive squads roster. As time went on, it became clear that solos and duos were the focus of most events. We had to adapt. We made changes to that initial roster and have been carefully evaluating talent since that point. Today, #coLFortnite is proud to announce the addition of a new member to our Fortnite family, Hogman’s duo partner – xil.

Julian ‘xil’ Miller has been Hogman’s primary duo partner for over a month. In that time it has become clear that they have a natural chemistry and have been able to consistently deliver results. The skilled Canadian is looking to prove his worth once more as he and Hogman team up at the WSOE Fortnite event today in California.

Cheer for Hogman and xil at Sunday’s WSOE 3 event and watch it live at

Give a warm #coLFamilia welcome to xil, and make sure to stay tuned for another Fortnite announcement next week!