compLexity Gaming Closes HoN Division

BY Andrew Miesner / July 6, 2013

Today, after much deliberation and consideration, we have decided to close our venerated Heroes of Newerth division.  The squad’s annual contracts expire this month and disagreements on roster issues combined with a shifting gaming demographic lead to our decision.

We’d like to thank the wonderful players who dedicated themselves to making coL.HoN one of the most successful teams in history.  Their dedication and hard work was appreciated and will not be forgotten.

Notable Accomplishments

  • 1st Dreamhack MSI BEAT IT Qualifier
  • 1st Lions Quality HoN Cup
  • 1st DreamHoN Summer Championships
  • 1st DreamHoN Redemption
  • 2nd DreamHoN Winter 2012 Championship
  • 1st Sound Blaster Heroes
  • 2nd Dreamhack Summer 2013


Thanks as always for your support of our gaming organization.