compLexity Gaming Collectible Player Stickers from iHearteSports

BY Andrew Miesner / January 10, 2012

The first series of collectible eSports player stickers has been released by iHearteSports, a company that creates and sells unique, limited edition stickers for eSports personalities and competitive gaming teams and events.

iHearteSports has chosen compLexity Gaming players to be included in the first release of the product. Below is the official release from iHearteSports.


—– is stoked to announce our new product line; collectible eSports player stickers. These baseball card sized stickers are a first of their kind product for the eSports community. To kick things off we have teamed up with compLexity Gaming to release player stickers for: Catz, Drewbie, Tri-Master and coL.MVP DongRaeGu. Pre-orders will begin Tuesday afternoon, January 10th and will begin shipping internationally the following week. Each Tuesday throughout January, we will be releasing new players and announcing new team partnerships. By the end of February we will have over 30 players to collect!

Player cards have long been a part of professional sports and provide an excellent way for fans to connect with their favorite teams and players. Through our licensing agreements with each team, our collectible stickers also provide additional merchandising revenue for each of our partner teams.


This is a first of its kind product for the eSports community that has been many months in the making. I am so excited to release these stickers just in time for the 2012 eSports ‘season’”, said Jason Tugman, Product Manager for “One thing I am really excited about with player stickers is that they are small and light- this makes them very accessible to the global eSports community. Australia, Denmark and Germany are huge markets for eSports. Making a product that we could ship internationally and not have to charge our customers ridiculous postal fees for was really important to me. Being able to create a product that fans want, being able to make that product affordable all while supporting the eSports eco-system is, to me, a win-win-win situation.


To pre-order the compLexity series visit

Fans can sign up for new release notifications by going to or following us on Twitter @iHearteSports.

If you are a team and want to become a product partner you can email [email protected].

About iHearteSports:
iHearteSports is working to provide affordable merchandise to the eSports community. We work with artists and photographers from the community to create and sell awesome stickers. Product Manager, Jason Tugman is a lifelong gamer and has worked in entertainment for over 15 years. He has worked for Oprah Winfrey, he toured with a circus for 6 years and he once ate a gumball he found on the floor.

About compLexity Gaming:

Complexity Gaming® is the premier competitive gaming brand in the Americas. Owned and operated by some of the finest minds in the industry, Complexity has a long heritage of championship caliber teams, superstar players, news reporting and gaming entertainment ventures. Complexity’s gamers have been featured by numerous mainstream media outlets like Sports Illustrated, New York Post, Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. They have also appeared on live television programs such as CBS’ 60 Minutes and the Championship Gaming Series, have been featured in film documentaries and were a focus of the book “Game Boys.” The company’s online properties and have ensured that Complexity remains a premier destination for media content in the gaming sector.