Complexity Gaming, Mamba Sports Academy & HyperX Launch Cog Lab in Complexity Gaming’s New Headquarters

BY Andrew Miesner / May 16, 2019

The Cog Lab Will Enhance Esports Players’ Cognitive Preparation and Promote Mental Wellness

FRISCO, Texas — May 16, 2019 — Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s most elite and longest standing esports organizations, today announced the launch of its proprietary Cog Lab through its partnership with Mamba Sports Academy and HyperX. Located within Complexity’s highly anticipated new headquarters, the GameStop Performance Center (GSPC), the Cog Lab will focus on the development, training, and improvement of core cognitive functions for esports athletes.

“At Complexity Gaming, we’re taking a holistic approach to cognitive health in order to help our esports athletes unlock and attain peak in-game performance,” said Kyle Bautista, Chief Operations Officer and General Manager at Complexity Gaming. “We are working hand-in-hand with Mamba Sports Academy and HyperX to continually develop an exclusive program for our players and to give them an unprecedented training experience.”

The Cog Lab will feature six interactive stations designed to facilitate team and private training sessions under changing environments. The esports-specific protocols are designed to push users to the limits of their performance around cognitive speed, accuracy, and focus under loads and stressors. Training sessions are tracked, analyzed, and reviewed by a cognitive scientist to update players on their improvement throughout the training process.

“In esports, every millisecond counts so it’s important for teams to provide cognitive training,” said Jason Sada, CEO of Mamba Sports Venture Lab. “Our training has been validated by the world’s most elite athletes across Formula 1, MLB, NFL, and NBA, and esports is a perfect application for our programs. Now, this proprietary training software and equipment will be used with Complexity athletes to boost their performance.”

In addition to the advanced cognitive training equipment provided by Mamba Sports Academy, Complexity players will use award-winning HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets while practicing gaming protocols. During training, audio loads are added to customize the difficulty of the reaction time and accuracy modes of the app. The Cloud Alpha’s sound distinction with its dual chambers will ensure that Complexity team athletes are in the best environment to achieve their full potential.

“We are thrilled to be a sponsor of the GameStop Performance Center where gaming fans will have hands on experience with HyperX products that match their gaming lifestyle,” said Wendy Lecot, head of HyperX Strategic Alliances. “Experiencing great audio at the state-of-the-art Cog Lab in conjunction with the Mamba Sports Academy Cog Lab helps bring a whole new level of peak performance experience to esports athletes.”

Along with best-in-class equipment, the Cog Lab will be outfitted with rubber flooring for yoga and other recovery activities. The core programming and protocols within the Cog Lab include cognitive performance assessments, private training sessions, team-based training and competition sessions, and personalized data reports.


About Complexity Gaming
Complexity Gaming is one of North America’s longest standing and most successful esports organizations, now owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and investor John Goff. The esports organization is led by Founder and CEO Jason Lake, considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of esports in North America. Complexity’s esports teams have won more than 140 championships in nearly 30 game titles over its 15+ year history. Staunchly committed to passion, professionalism, and a player-first mentality, Complexity has been continuously recognized as a global leader in modern esports. For more information on Complexity, visit and follow the organization on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.

About Mamba Sports Academy
MAMBA Sports Academy provides effective, safe and transparent overall human performance training to develop athletes to the peak of their potential. The Academy enlists diverse experts to support youth, amateur and elite athletes with a full-circle approach including body, performance and cognition. MAMBA Sports Academy operates three distinct business units; physical training academies, a sports focused venture lab, and a charitable foundation, called the MAMBA Sports Foundation. Founded as Sports Academy in 2016, the Legendary Kobe Bryant partnered in 2018 and the name was changed to MAMBA Sports Academy.

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