Complexity Gaming Partners With Balanced Media | Technology To Bring Purpose To Play

BY Andrew Miesner / April 27, 2020

Complexity Gaming Spearheads Effort for Gamers to Leverage Spare PC Power to Discover Treatments for COVID-19

FRISCO, Texas – April 27, 2020 – Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s most elite and longest-standing esports organizations, today announced a partnership with BALANCED Media|Technology (BALANCED), a crowdsourced healthcare AI company that brings purpose to play, to donate unused computer processing power to find potential treatments for the COVID-19 virus. Together, Complexity and BALANCED are challenging the gaming community to join in by simply downloading the HEWMEN® Cell application for free.

“One of the core pillars of Complexity is Cause, and we’re always searching for ways that we can give back to our community,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO at Complexity Gaming. “During these trying times, our partnership with BALANCED allows us to leverage the power of gaming and esports to help identify solutions that can potentially slow the spread of COVID-19 and ultimately help to save lives.”

By combining the efforts of the gaming community to run HEWMEN, Complexity will be able to help process more than 200,000 FDA-approved medications and compounds against models of COVID-19 to see which combinations are most effective in treating the virus. This will help to more quickly define successful combinations and reduce the development cycle, so that new treatments can get to market faster.

“Through our partnership with Complexity, we’ve come to realize that gamers are some of the most passionate and engaged individuals,” said Robert M. Atkins, CEO at BALANCED. “By having the collective online community download HEWMEN, we can help to put a stop to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

BALANCED’s HEWMEN (Human Engaged With Machines via Elastic Network) technology creates a distributed network that processes data-driven problems such as drug discovery and medical research. Through downloading the simple and secure application from the Microsoft Store, Complexity has installed and is currently running HEWMEN on all 50 PCs in the GameStop Performance Center and is lending additional support from the staff and leadership team. By doing so, Complexity has been able to assist BALANCED in uncovering solutions for COVID-19.

Complexity previously partnered with BALANCED for a medical research project as part of Complexity-Limit’s race to become the top guild in the world during World of Warcraft’s “Race to World First.” While streaming the tournament, participants logged over 900 hours playing BALANCED’s The Omega Cluster, virtually processing medical compounds for cancer medicines through their gameplay. As BALANCED pivots its resources to join the fight against COVID-19, Complexity will now leverage its community and gamers at large to support.

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About Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming is one of North America’s longest standing and most successful esports organizations, now owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and investor John Goff. The esports organization is led by Founder and CEO Jason Lake, considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of esports in North America. Complexity’s esports teams have won more than 140 championships in nearly 30 game titles over its 15+ year history. Staunchly committed to passion, professionalism, and a player-first mentality, Complexity has been continuously recognized as a global leader in modern esports. For more information on Complexity, visit and follow the organization on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.

About Balanced Media Technology 

BALANCED Media|Technology (BALANCED), is a crowdsourced healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company bringing purpose to play. BALANCED is focused on changing the way researchers, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies leverage machine learning (ML) to advance the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. By crowdsourcing artificial intelligence through online communities and gaming via its HEWMEN platform, BALANCED hopes to aid researchers in investigating new treatments by creating AI-enabled technologies that reduce research time and cost and increase research effectiveness. BALANCED is a 2019 Tech Titan winner and has been recognized as an industry innovator by multiple groups including the Dallas Business Journal and Dallas Innovates. Headed by founders in data science, computing, video game development and the medical/healthcare industries, the company is based in McKinney, Texas, and can be found online at