compLexity Gamma Gamer House Launches

BY Andrew Miesner / July 16, 2012

Today, we are happy to announce that the compLexity Gamma Gamer House has officially been launched! The 5 bedroom estate is located in the suburbs of Houston, Texas and will play host to players from the compLexity organization, as well as any visiting personalities or players.

Below are the players who are, or will be, residing in the house soon:

  • Kevin “qxc” Riley
  • Josh “TriMaster” Niven
  • Michael “goswser” Dobler
  • Scott “Popcorn” Ford (Player Manager)
  • Gage “Sasquatch” Dubose (coL Academy)
  • Kim “GanZi” Dong Joo (August)




With MLG’s Summer Arena just around the corner TriMaster, QXC and Sasquatch sat down for an interview about the house and the upcoming MLG event in New York City.

Live Streaming

One of the best features of the compLexity Gamma Gamer House is that there will be 24/7 live streaming where you’ll be able to see what it’s like inside of a professional gaming house at any time. For this, we are offering an entire page devoted to checking in on the players. See who is streaming live and watch them from the house cameras as they do.  (*Note:  Camera 2 will be placed in Training Room 2 when it is set up.)

Click Here to Visit the 24/7 Streaming Hub



To celebrate the launch, we have decided to offer fans the chance to win some free stuff as well as try some samples of Gamma Lab’s new G-Fuel flavors. Click the image below for information on how to enter.