compLexity Hearthstone Adds Crane

BY Andrew Miesner / March 25, 2016

For the last months the compLexity Inn has been home to stories of conquests from veteran members like Superjj and Ryzen, but today we open another chapter and welcome the next big player in Hearthstone. We are thrilled to announce our newest member – Danish player Simon “Crane” Raunholst.

After parting with his previous team just a few weeks ago, Crane has been one of the hottest free agents on the market. His reputation as one of the most hardworking and knowledgeable players in the world has made him a favorite not only in the community, but also among his peers. As a valued member of pro practice groups Crane made a name for himself with other players like Superjj, being hailed as one the best hidden secrets in the Hearthstone pro scene today.

“We have been interested in adding Crane to the roster for several months now.” Said compLexity Gaming.Hearthstone manager Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm about the newest recruit. “His talent, his skill, his experience and his mature approach are the core values that we looked for. Additionally he is well-respected within our player base, being a practice partner of JJ and a former teammate of Sottle. We’re proud to welcome him to the team.”

It has not just been the pro players who have taken notice of the talented Dane. The public recently had chances to see Crane in action when he qualified for the third Viagame House Cup as well as the most recent PGL Tavern Tales, and made a deep run in the HCT European Winter Prelims.

As a core member of the team moving forward, we wasted little time in creating opportunities for  Crane to compete. Immediately after signing with the black and red, Crane was on his way to Birmingham, UK. The newest member of the coL family will begin competition today in the Insomnia 57 Truesilver Championship alongside friend and now teammate Jan ‘superjj’ Janßen.

Please join us in welcoming the newest member of coL Hearthstone, Simon “Crane” Raunholst.

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