compLexity Hearthstone Adds Noxious

BY Andrew Miesner / September 26, 2014

Two weeks after officially opening coL Hearthstone, we are proud to announce our second member, and first partnered personality, Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji. Noxious embodies the fun and entertainment that is central to Hearthstone, and we are excited to have the popular streamer and community figure under the compLexity banner.

Hailing all the way from Quebec, Canada, Noxious will represent the black and red during his entertaining streams and appearances on community shows. Since early beta, Kacem has provided a unique take on the world of Hearthstone. While most other streamers are constantly on the climb, looking for the high Legend ranks or trying to break the 12 wins in Arena, Noxious plays the game differently. As may be expected of the inventor of the popular Randuin Wrynn RNG deck, he is all about fun, triggering obscure in-game situations, and putting his faith in the cards.

Whatever he is doing, fun is always Noxious’ first priority. The fan favorite is also well-known and respected outside of the virtual table. Recently he used his extensive Blizzard and miscellaneous Hearthstone knowledge to win Jeoparino, while in the more distant past, Noxious was known as one of the founding members of the “original” Hearthstone community – ManaGrind. That background will serve him well in his invite appearance for the upcoming World Cyber Arena event in China. There the streaming personality will put on his competitor’s cap, looking to show that his game knowledge can be used in a very different way.

“I’m very excited about having been invited to the growing compLexity Hearthstone family.” said the newest comLexity member. “From now on, and as usual: may the fun (and the luck) be with us. Bring your RNG on!”

While the focus of coL Hearthstone will remain on competitive play, we recognize that Hearthstone is not just about tournaments, but also about fun. Over the coming weeks we look forward to bolstering our Hearthstone roster with the addition of more highly competitive players, and entertaining personalities.

Be sure to follow Noxious’ stream for an entertaining journey through the world of Hearthstone, guided by a player that loves to explore game mechanics and push the envelope on how random the game can be. And be sure to check out Noxious in the upcoming WCA event, representing the coL black and red starting on October 2nd.

More Info

Twitter: @coL_Noxious
Youtube: NoxiousHearthstone
Twitch: noxious_hs