compLexity Hearthstone Adds SjoW

BY Andrew Miesner / October 17, 2014

As Hearthstone continues to grow, so does compLexity Gaming’s involvement in the game. Our two current members, Dog and Noxious, already has a strong foundation in various parts of the community, and now we are proud to announce our third player – Jeffrey ‘SjoW’ Brusi.

Coming to you from Sweden, SjoW has made a name for himself in StarCraft 2 before Hearthstone came out. The Terran player was known across the world as a fierce and calculating competitor. In his time he had many good showings, like a great run through the DreamHack Summer of 2013 on his home turf. After his StarCraft 2 career ran it’s course, SjoW decided to exchange Marines, Tanks, and SCVs for Grommash, Gorehowl, and Ragnaros.

The transition to a card game wasn’t too hard for him, as the Swede has a background in other popular TCG titles like Magic: The Gathering. With that knowledge and an easy learning curve, he quickly became one of the top ladder players and top streamers on Twitch. Just last season he held the #1 Legendary spot in North America and Europe for a while, a feat not many Hearthstone players have accomplished thus far.

SjoW’s first public appearance as a member of the coL.Hearthstone family will take place today in Krefeld, Germany. With his stature in the community and in Hearthstone he was able to receive one of the coveted invites to the second iteration of the SeatStory Cup. With a tournament history of finishes only in the Top 4, we hope SjoW can continue this trend and foster his reputation as a premier Hearthstone competitor.

Be sure to follow SjoW’s stream for top-notch Hearthstone action, but also fun elements like Karaoke Night or miscellaneous stories. Also support the newest member of the red-black brand in Krefeld, as he takes on the toughest competition in the SeatStory Cup 2.

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