compLexity In The Expansion Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / November 3, 2014

Today compLexity is happy to announce our plans for the upcoming 2015 Season Expansion Tournament. After exploring all available options we arrived at one that allows all of our players a chance at qualifying for the NA LCS. Introducing the two halves of a whole – coL.Black and coL.White.

We previously announced the movement of pr0lly and ROBERTxLEE to our reserve roster, and we are now excited to move them back to starting positions on coL.Black. Additionally Bubbadub opted to join his former carry and mid, giving the squad the players necessary to fulfill the 3/5 requirement, and claim their pre-qualified position. Filling positions in the jungle and top lane are former XDG players Xmithie and I KeNNy u. The coL.Black roster assumes the compLexity pre-qualified spot, a first round bye, and the #1 overall seed for the Expansion Tournament. coL.Black’s first appearance will be the weekend of November 22nd.

Qualifying through Ranked 5s is the “new team” of coL.White. Formed around the solid and experienced LCS Veterans Kez and Westrice, the team also features the incredible potential of GoldenGlue in the middle lane. Joining his former coL.Red teammate on ADC is Impactful, and rounding out the roster is former LoLPro support Lohpally. The team already displayed their skill in a grind through the Ranked 5s ladder, finishing in 5th place. coL.White will take the 7th overall seed for the Expansion Tournament, and plays their first match the weekend of November 15th.

Please join us in welcoming the teams and players both new and old. We look forward to their upcoming matches and wish them the best of luck on the Rift!


  • I KeNNy u
  • Xmithie
  • pr0lly
  • Bubbadub


  • Westrice
  • Kez
  • Goldenglue
  • Impactful
  • Lohpally