compLexity Invades The Inn; Adds Hearthstone

BY Andrew Miesner / September 11, 2014


Today compLexity gaming is proud to announce the opening of a new gaming division, coL.Hearthstone. While the competitive card game has captured our attention for some time, we have been patiently searching for the right player to kick off our new squad. After an exhaustive search, we’re confident that we have found the player that best represents compLexity’s commitment to professionalism and dedication to competition. Please welcome, David “coL.Dog” Caero.

Dog is an up-and-coming North American Hearthstone player, known most for his popular stream, high ladder ranking, and his signature ‘Dog Deck’. Though he has played since the early beta, it was only earlier this year that Dog began to stream his Hearthstone antics. Since then, viewers of Dog’s exceedingly popular stream have seen him hit #1 on both NA and EU ladders, create an extremely powerful ramp Druid deck – coined the ‘Dog Deck’ – earn a spot in the Hearthstone World Championship qualifiers, and educate thousands of players about top-tier Hearthstone play. Now Dog looks to center his sights on even more competition, as he will represent compLexity at online tournaments, and at events around the globe.


“Hearthstone has been on our radar for quite a while, but it was imperative that we entered the scene with the right player.” remarked Kyle Bautista, General Manager of compLexity. “Dog is an excellent mix of entertainer, innovator, educator, and of course, competitor. I look forward to seeing Dog and coL.HS make their mark on the world of Hearthstone competition.”

“I’m very honored to be announced as the first member of the new compLexity Hearthstone team.” said David “Dog” Caero. “I can’t wait to do my absolute best at competitions, and bring home some championships under the compLexity banner.”


Be sure to check out Dog’s stream, as he shows off his high-level and entertaining play multiple nights each week. Stay tuned for more announcements as compLexity Hearthstone invades the Inn.

More Info

Twitter: @coL_HsDog
Twitch: hsdogdog