compLexity Invited to Copenhagen eSports Challenge

BY Andrew Miesner / March 16, 2009

Complexity is proud to announce that we have been invited to represent North America at the upcoming Copenhagen eSports Challenge being run by the country of Denmark and the City of Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen eSport Challenge will be held in Tivoli from April 11-14. It is Denmark’s largest computing event with professional, international gamers as well as amateurs and a large audience.

Copenhagen City Council and Wonderful Copenhagen have arranged the event, where exhibition tournaments in games like World of Warcraft, FIFA Soccer and championships in Counter Strike will be held. 

Here is the official press release for the event:

Battle of the continents in Tivoli

Elite gamers from China, USA and Denmark will battle side-by-side during Copenhagen eSport Challenge, a new international event for electronic sport. The event features Guinness world record attempts, the karaoke game Lips and tournaments in popular computer games such as Counter-Strike and FIFA.

A dark hall, gamers, soda and chips. Gaming events don’t have to be that way. The new gaming event, Copenhagen eSport Challenge, will prove just that when they take over Tivoli from the 12 – 14 April. Gamers can already qualify for the Counter-Strike tournament online.

The famous Tivoli Gardens will be transformed into a virtual battle ground for both elite gamers, gaming enthusiast and the general public when The Glass Hall, The Concert Hall, The Tivoli Aquarium and The Lawn become home to Guinness world record attempts, World of Warcraft activities, new gaming platforms and tournaments.

The Municipality of Copenhagen and Wonderful Copenhagen play host to the event while GamingSchool organizes it.

Lips and World Cup

It is the first time that esport and new media have taken center stage in Denmark. And the goal is a gaming event that appeals to a wide audience.The program features Battle of the Continents, a bout between gamers from Denmark, China and USA; Lips song competition, where the winner performs with the group Sukkerchok on The Lawn; and a Game Lab that features Guinness world record attempts. Then, there are the qualifications to FIFA International World Cup. The event’s winner has the opportunity to participate in the World Masters in FIFA in Barcelona where the first prize is 20,000 dollars and a car.

“We have found a fantastic set-up where we are sure that the total experience will be impressive even for those who are not normally interested in computer gaming,” says the organizer, Rasmus J. Pedersen, from GamingSchool.

Gamers can already qualify for the Counter-Strike tournament via the website.  The event’s program is available at

The event welcomes all who are interested in computer gaming – both professionally and/or just for fun.