compLexity Invited to Sound Blaster Heroes League

BY Andrew Miesner / December 10, 2012

With the Sound Blaster Heroes League set to begin today, the first invite has been released! Our very own compLexity team has been invited as one of the 8 teams who will be automatically seeded into the Finals Bracket.

About compLexity Gaming

compLexity Gaming ventured back into the Heroes of Newerth scene in July of 2012 picking up players from the former Trademark eSports (tdM) roster to create a star studded line up of players that would go on to dominate the competitive scene. Since July the coL.HoN squad has dominated the scene, taking back to back first place in the DreamHoN Online Summer Championship and the DreamHoN Redemption event, sweeping Trademark eSports in both finals. tdM got their revenge as they eliminated coL.HoN from the HoN Tour qualifiers in fourth place and the DreamHoN at Dreamhack Winter event in second place. Since returning from Sweden the coL squad has fought hard in the HoN Tour Diamond division, dropping one series 2-1 to tdM but crushing through the lower bracket to once again face Trademark the Grand Finals later this week. After being recently dethroned as the undisputed best team in HoN look for compLexity Gaming to play hard in the upcoming Sound Blaster Heroes League to regain their #1 spot once again.

The compLexity Gaming Heroes of Newerth Division includes:

Josh “bkid” Choi

Age 23 – California, USA

The captain of the coL.HoN squad has a long history in HoN, playing for such dominant teams as We Heart Pig, Loaded, x6, Evil Geniuses, Team EZ, and Trademark eSports. With these teams bkid brought home first place at the DYA Singapore LAN event along with a number of wins in various online events. While training for his role within HoN as an initiator/ganker bkid also trains hard in real life where he holds the title “Sidestep King”.


David “MoonMeander” Tan

Age 20 – British Columbia, Canada

The fan favorite of the coL.HoN team got his start in competitive play from his reputation as not only a skilled player, but the most successful streamer in all of Heroes of Newerth. Since being picked up by tdM and turned into a top tier competitive player Moon has taken a fourth place finish at the NASL season 2 grand finals and helped to propel coL.HoN to the top with his picture perfect suicide/ganker play.


Peter “Franzzii” Dager

Age 21 – Indiana, USA

The support player of the team works hard in game to keep his team in the know and hard out of game where he is in his junior year of his journalism degree. Franzzii’s previous teams include sGty, tdM, and Infs where he played various roles before settling in with coL.HoN to take multiple first place finishes in events and prove that that he is one of the best support players in the scene.


Jeppe “Haxxeren” Jensen

Age 20 – Denmark

Haxxeren has been in the scene for quite some time, playing with teams such as Druids, Dirty Minds, KD Gaming, It’s Gosu, tdM before finally finding great success with coL.HoN. Haxxeren led team Denmark to a first place finish in the UNGL Nations Cup and since then has played the carry position for tdM in their success and been integral to coL.HoN’s dominance of the scene.


Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin

Age 19 – Sweden

Chessie was the last addition to the current coL roster and some had their doubts about his addition to the team. Chessie showed the doubters that his experience with Druids, from Pubstars, and Team It’s Gosu had prepared him well as he became a stellar jungle/second support for the coL.HoN team dominating early and late game alike with his signature hero, Ophelia.


Concerning coL.HoN’s invitation to the playoff stages of the Sound Blaster Heroes League Peter “coL.Franzzii” had this to say,

“It’s great to see another company interested in committing both time and effort into the game my team loves so much. Sound Blaster has been great to us as one of our main sponsors for compLexity Gaming and we look forward to participating in not only this event but hopefully future events as well.”



Stay tuned as more invites will be announced throughout the week! For more details on the Sound Blaster Heroes League, click here.