compLexity League of Legends Year End Update

BY Andrew Miesner / December 9, 2014

Today compLexity is announcing changes to our League of Legends division. With the Expansion Tournament quickly approaching its conclusion, we are making preparations for the 2015 Season. The highly competitive nature of LoL eSports means setbacks are inevitable, but we are committed to maintaining a presence in the thriving League of Legends community, and are in the process of building a team for the 2015 Challenger Series. In addition, we have been working with all of our players to ensure they are moving in the direction of their choosing, whether that be in or out of LoL eSports.

Looking forward our 2015 Challenger Series roster will be centered around the core of compLexity White – Goldenglue, Impactful (MabreyBABY), and Lohpally. These talented, young players are among the most recent additions to the compLexity Family, but we have faith that with continued growth they will be able to compete with the best that North America has to offer. Tryouts for the top and jungle positions are ongoing.

Our remaining personnel will be moving in separate directions in accordance with each of their goals and desires for the immediate and long-term future.

Robert ‘ROBERTxLEE’ Lee – Following nearly three years of competition, Robert will be retiring from LoL eSports to pursue his goals as a full-time entertainer. With his entertaining personality, and propensity for appearing at the top of /r/LeagueofLegends, Robert will be topping the Twitch charts in no time!

Neil ‘pr0lly’ Hammad –  Following his participation in the Expansion Tournament, Neil requested to be released from his contract to pursue other options in LoL eSports. While we are sad to see him go, we are sure that Neil will find success as either a player or a coach.

Jonathan ‘Westrice’ Nguyen – Though he will be stepping back from competition for now, West will remain part of compLexity in a roll as a full-time streamer. For the time being West will also be subbing as a top laner for the new compLexity Challenger roster.

Royce ‘Bubbadub’ Newcomb – After achieving one of his dreams and playing in the LCS, Royce is returning to the ‘real world.’ We’re extremely proud to have been a part of something so special as Bubba’s story, and hope that it inspired fans as much as it inspired us.

Kevin ‘Kez’ Jeon – Going into the Expansion Tournament, Kez had decided that it was likely his last shot at continuing as a professional League player. Looking forward Kevin will be retiring from competition, and allocating some of that time to planning his wedding! We wish the  best of luck to both Kevin and his bride-to-be.

While we are sad to say goodbye to our friends, we hope that they find success in each of their individual paths. We’re proud to call each of you part of the compLexity Family.

For compLexity League of Legends, it has been a memorable year. A story of triumph in the face of less than favorable odds, of adversity overcome by sheer force of will, and blue shells followed by more blue shells. We look forward to creating more memories in the year to come.

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