Complexity-Limit Signs Exclusive Chinese Media Rights Deal With Douyu For Race To World First Event

BY Andrew Miesner / December 10, 2020

Streaming Partnership Expands Complexity-Limit’s Reach to New Audiences

FRISCO, Texas – December 10, 2020 – Complexity-Limit, the world’s #1 raiding World of Warcraft guild and partner of Complexity Gaming, today announced an exclusive Chinese media rights deal with DouYu, one of China’s leading streaming platforms, for the guild’s upcoming Race to World First event. As part of the partnership, DouYu will produce its own Complexity-Limit Race to World First broadcast exclusively for the Chinese region. “We aim to deliver engaging content to our fans both at home and overseas,” said Kyle Bautista, COO, Complexity Gaming. “Through our partnership with DouYu, we will be able to bring one of the most unique experiences in gaming to our Complexity-Limit fanbase in China and contribute to the growth of World of Warcraft fandom around the world.”

Not only will the deal enable Complexity-Limit fans in the Chinese region to have access to a tailored broadcast experience for the most renowned World of Warcraft event of the year, but it will also help to boost visibility and global reach of the North American guild. DouYu will adapt and localize the raw Complexity-Limit broadcast footage for its 194 million monthly viewers. “In recent years, World of Warcraft RWF events have gradually gained more and more attention on live streaming platforms in China, each time creating one peak viewer number after another,” said Cheng Chao, COO, DouYu. “By partnering with Complexity-Limit, one of the best World of Warcraft guilds in the world, DouYu will provide the best content and viewing experience to the Chinese World of Warcraft community.”

Over the years, grassroots Race to World First events have entertained millions of viewers over weeks on end, establishing itself as one of the most thrilling and unique esports competitions. In February 2020, Complexity-Limit overcame this daunting task to become the Race to World First: Ny’alotha champion, defeating the first nine of 12 bosses as well as the final boss days ahead of the next closest guild. The decisive victory solidified the guild as a global leader in World of Warcraft and made Complexity-Limit the first North American guild to win a Race to World First event in ten years.

Complexity-Limit’s Race to World First streams kick off on December 15. To stay up to date on the latest Complexity-Limit Race to World First news, be sure to follow the guild on Twitter. For more information on Complexity-Limit, please visit


About Complexity-Limit

Limit, now known as Complexity-Limit, was founded in early 2015 from top raiding guilds across North America. Setting their eyes on beating other North American guilds, while also improving their own world rankings, they took their first NA #1, World 7th rank in Hellfire Citadel, tackling Mythic Archimonde and sealing their fate as a force to be reckoned with. As they’ve climbed the world ranks tier after tier, the dream of becoming the #1 raiding guild in the world was realized in February 2020. Limit won the “Race to World First” in dominating fashion by being the first team to defeat 9/12 bosses and defeating the final boss days before the next closest guild.

About Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming is one of North America’s longest standing and most successful esports organizations, now owned by Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and investor John Goff. The esports organization is led by Founder and CEO Jason Lake, considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of esports in North America. Complexity’s esports teams have won more than 140 championships in nearly 30 game titles over its 15+ year history. Staunchly committed to passion, professionalism, and a player-first mentality, Complexity has been continuously recognized as a global leader in modern esports. For more information on Complexity, visit and follow the organization on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.