compLexity & Millenium Announce Stephano Settlement

BY Andrew Miesner / September 21, 2011

Today, compLexity and Millenium are pleased to announce that the Stephano situation has come to an end.  Complexity and Millenium have agreed to a settlement, in which a significant fine will be paid by Stephano in consideration of his role in creating the situation, and all parties now consider the matter closed.

Comments from Jason Bass, COO of compLexity Gaming:

“It was never compLexity’s intention to damage the career of a young eSports talent nor to force someone to join our gaming organization who did not want to.  We did, however, feel that maintaining the integrity of the player contract was crucial not only for our own business but for eSports in general.  For that reason, we are satisfied that there has been a strong penalty, as player contracts need to be respected going forward.   

We would also like to respectfully address the concerns of the French community who are upset that we did not have a more direct negotiation with Millenium during this process.  Due to the fact Stephano was not contracted by Millenium and the fact he stated he was receiving counter offers in response to our discussions, we did not contact Millenium directly and for that we are regretful and apologize for any perceived disrespect.”

Comments from Cedric Page, CEO of Millenium:

“Millenium has never ignored on purpose any attempt from Complexity to establish communication. Time difference fully accounts for the few hours it took us to respond to them. Additionally, Millenium was never aware of, nor involved in, a bidding/counterbidding process with Complexity over Stephano’s contract situation. All things being now clarified, and after a calm discussion with Complexity, we would also like to apologize for stating that Complexity ‘disoriented’ Stephano during their talks with him. It was an inappropriate comment and we did not mean to be disrespectful. We are very happy to clarify this, as we had decided to discuss with Complexity before stating anything more than our last statement.”

Everyone now considers this matter closed, and all parties wish each other the best in their future endeavors.

Lastly, compLexity and Millenium would also like to thank Alexander Garfield of Evil Geniuses for acting as the mediator of our discussions during this challenging time.  His time and efforts avoided a clash that was most certainly headed for litigation, had a reasonable settlement not been reached.