compLexity MTGA Adds Amazonian

BY Andrew Miesner / January 11, 2019

Over the past few months we’ve seen the card game market pick up with new contenders emerging and the old guard bolstering their appeal with expansions and large announcements. Standing out amongst the crowd is the most elder of the old guards – Wizards of the Coast’s classic Magic: The Gathering. The Arena version is a huge success and the esports scene has been established, which will combine the classic card game with its digital counterpart.

As an organization we’ve been on the card game train, including MTGA, for a while now, so today we are excited to announce another addition to that roster – introducing Amy “Amazonian” D.

As a veteran not only in the Magic space, but also the streaming world, Amy is looking at over 10 years of experience in both. Starting her streaming efforts even well before the precursor to Twitch was even launched, she has been managing a successful career as both a mechanical engineer, as well as a streamer.

With the addition of Amazonian, we are also officially announcing our Magic: The Gathering division. Amy will join AliasV, Noxious and Merchant with compLexity still exploring other prominent and up-and-coming options for another spot or two. We are excited about Amy joining us, as well as the for the future of Magic the Gathering: Arena.

Give Amazonian a warm #coLFamilia welcome and follow her on Twitter and catch her daily on Twitch.