compLexity & MVP Partner- Welcome DRG & Genius

BY Andrew Miesner / July 22, 2011

compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce our latest gaming division, our third under the StarCraft 2 banner. Joining coL.SC2 and coL.Academy is a two man squad called coL.MVP which is a joint venture partnership with Team MVP of Korea. Please welcome Park Soo Ho (“DongRaeGu”) and Jung Min Soo (“Genius”) to the compLexity Family.

Global Press Release

compLexity Gaming and Team MVP establish an exclusive joint partnership named “coL.MVP.”

Houston, Texas & Seoul, South Korea
July 22, 2011

complexity Gaming and Team MVP are proud to announce that we have agreed to form an exclusive joint partnership which will see the formation of a jointly controlled StarCraft 2 division, currently consisting of two players: Park Soo Ho (“DongRaeGu”) and Jung Min Soo (“Genius”).

The arrangement is believed to be a first of its kind and will witness joint promotions and cooperation on a global level. DongRaeGu and Genius will represent compLexity and MVP both inside Korea and at international events. While playing inside Korea the players will wear a MVP jersey with a compLexity logo. While participating outside Korea they will sport a compLexity jersey with a MVP logo. compLexity will provide the global travel support. The players will also be available to join compLexity’s StarCraft 2 division during online team play. compLexity players who wish to train in Korea will be hosted at the MVP House for training purposes.

DongRaeGu’s first international appearance will be at MLG Anaheim. Genius is expected to return to Blizzcon 2011 to defend his 2010 championship. Events beyond that will be determined jointly by compLexity and MVP management.

“We are very happy to make this long term commitment to MVP and to StarCraft 2,” said Jason Lake, founder and CEO of compLexity Gaming. “The Korean community is a global powerhouse and we’re confident the addition of DongRaeGu and Genius will allow compLexity to continue our success on the stage of global gaming. Thanks very much to Choi at MVP for his amazing cooperation and vision and thanks to our sponsors SoundBlaster, PNY and Origin for making this dream a reality. We look forward to working along side our Korean friends and humbly ask for the support of their vibrant community.”

“MVP is very excited to work with one of the most famous gaming teams in the world,” said Choi Yoon Sang, manager of MVP. “We are extremely confident that this partnership will expand both our brand and the gaming experiences of DongRaeGu and Genius. Complexity approached us in a very respectful manner and the negotiations made it clear this is a great deal for both parties. I am very excited for the future.”

About compLexity Gaming:

Complexity Gaming® is the premier competitive gaming brand in the Americas. Owned and operated by some of the finest minds in the industry, Complexity has a long heritage of championship caliber teams, superstar players, news reporting and gaming entertainment ventures. Complexity’s gamers have been featured by numerous mainstream media outlets like Sports Illustrated, New York Post, Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal. They have also appeared on live television programs such as CBS’ 60 Minutes and the Championship Gaming Series, have been featured in film documentaries and were a focus of the book “Game Boys.” The company’s online properties and have ensured that Complexity remains a premier destination for media content in the gaming sector.

About Team MVP:

MVP is a top Korean StarCraft 2 team that is officially recognized by the Korea StarCraft 2 association. Lead by manager Choi Yoon Sang and coach Lee Kang Beum, the team has experienced much success in the first year of StarCraft 2.

The coL.MVP players will sport the following jersey when competing:



Join us in welcoming the newest additions to the coL family!


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