compLexity Preview – MLG Providence

BY Andrew Miesner / November 17, 2011

MLG Providence – compLexity Preview

by Alex “Yuenanimous” Yue

After a month of waiting, it’s finally here. The compLexity crew has packed their bags, boarded their flights and are en route to Providence for the Major League Gaming 2011 Pro Circuit National Championship. It’s been an interesting year with compLexity having a solid level of success spanning five MLG stops (Dallas, Columbus, Anaheim, Raleigh, and Orlando). To get ready for kick off tomorrow, here’s a preview of what compLexity is bringing to MLG Providence.

While MLG was once a console centric gaming tournament, Starcraft II has brought an eSports boom to the scene. MLG has fully embraced StarCraft II and PC gaming, bringing tons of new eSports fans to MLG events. With that in mind, it’s extremely important for coL.SC2 to have a strong showing at Providence.


Andrew “Drewbie” Moysey

Despite earning a spot in the Pool Play section of the tournaments, Drewbie has had a pretty rough year when it came to MLG tournament results. After training in Korea, in preparation for MLG Orlando, Drewbie wasn’t able to pull together the string of wins that everyone knows he’s capable of. Since Orlando, Drewbie has been training non-stop, streaming his games nearly every day. If Drewbie can shake off the nerves, we’re confident that he’ll have a great showing at Providence.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

Event Record Points ELO
MLG Orlando 3 – 11 -8 1916 pts
MLG Raleigh 8 – 5 +3 2027 pts
MLG Anaheim 2 – 12 -10 1864 pts
MLG Columbus 7 – 10 -3 1971 pts
MLG Dallas
7 – 6 +1 2026 pts

Paulo “CatZ” Viscarra

Much like Drewbie, CatZ has yet to really show eSports fans what he’s capable of at an MLG event. He’s done well at numerous other LAN events, but those MLG wins have always eluded him. Back for more and hungrier than ever, CatZ is determined to make it out of the Open Bracket and really show the world what he can do as one of North America’s favorite Zerg’s.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

Event Record Points ELO
MLG Raleigh 0 – 2
-2 1962 pts
MLG Anaheim 3 – 5 -2 1981 pts
MLG Columbus 2 – 3
-1 1991 pts
MLG Dallas 4 – 4 0 2003 pts

Johan “Naniwa” Luchessi

As one of the most promising players attending MLG Providence, Naniwa is definitely someone to keep an eye on. He’s been training in Korea for a few months now and is really showing some impressive play. Naniwa is seeded in 3rd place at Providence thanks to taking 1st place at MLG Dallas, as well as placing near the top at the other MLG stops. Naniwa will also be competing in the MLG Global Invitational Finals this weekend along with NesTea, IdrA, and MVP. Naniwa qualified for the finals by winning the EU regional qualifier that ended earlier this month. Expect to see some amazing play from Naniwa this weekend that should reflect the amount of time and effort he has spent in Korea.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

Event Record Points ELO
MLG EU Invite 14 – 5 +9 2090 pts
MLG Raleigh 7 – 7 0 2007 pts
MLG Anaheim 10 – 7
+3 2079 pts
MLG Columbus 9 – 7 +2 2025 pts
MLG Dallas
22 – 2
+20 2258 pts

Ryan “Ryan” Rushia

What can we say about Ryan? He is a very strong Protoss player who has garnered a ton of attention from the SC2 community thanks to his frequent streaming and solid play. On paper Ryan may not seem like a major contender at MLG Providence, but neither was TriMaster at MLG Raleigh or Goswser at MLG Orlando. coL.SC2 has a strong history of bringing up players who tear through the Open Bracket at MLGs, and we think that Ryan could be the next player to shine.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

Event Record Points ELO
MLG Dallas
5 – 3 +2 2026 pts

Kim “sC” Seung Chul

Anyone who watches the GSL knows coLMVP.SC. One of the strongest Terrans to come out of Korea, SC is known for his aggressive bio play and relentless Bunker rushes. This will be SC’s first time playing at a foreign event and he’s definitely looking to impress. Be sure to keep an eye on SC as we’re sure that he’s going to make a huge splash at his first MLG.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

No results from MLG events.

Hwang “Keen” Kyo Seok

Another Code S quality Korean Terran, Keen has been a prominent player in the GSL for a few seasons now. Originally shooting up though Code A and into Code S in one season, Keen was notorious for his post-win ceremonies. Considering how strong Korean Terrans are, you definitely want to been on the lookout for Keen’s games. I would be very surprised if he didn’t have a special ceremony planned for all his foreign fans.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

No results from MLG events.

Park “DongRaeGu” Soo Ho

What is there to say about DRG (DongRaeGu)? EZPZ? He’s obviously one of the best Zergs in the world, with arguably the best Zerg vs. Terran play. Known as the “Terran Killer” in Korea, DRG has had some great success at recent LAN events, taking first place at both IEM Season VI – Global Challenge New York and the DreamHack Valencia Invitational. Thanks to taking 3rd place at MLG Raleigh, DRG is seeded in 12th place at Providence. With the way the bracket looks, DRG is going to have to make his way though Haypro, Kiwikaki and MMA. This should make for an interesting few games to kick off the bracket, especially since DRG has a rivalry with MMA thanks to their frequent meetings in the GSTL. Needless to say this is one player you don’t want to miss.

Previous MLG Results (2011):

Event Record Points ELO
MLG Raleigh 13 – 10 +3 2086 pts
MLG Anaheim 12 – 5 +7 2106 pts


coL.Final Boss – Halo: Reach

In addition to coL.SC2, coL.Halo aka coL.FB, will also be attending Providence. Despite being such a powerhouse team, coL.FB hasn’t had the best results at MLG events. The furthest they’ve ever made it was to round 6 of the lower bracket at both MLG Orlando and Raleigh.

With that said, the team has been training non stop to get ready for Providence. Nobody wants this more than coL.FB and they’re ready to prove it.


Stay tuned as we bring you the latest from the action packed weekend in Providence!

*Statistics courtesy of TLPD