compLexity & SoundBlaster MLG Providence Fan Contest

BY Andrew Miesner / November 18, 2011


compLexity & SoundBlaster MLG Providence Fan Contest

Today marks the beginning of MLG Providence and compLexity will be on site with a large contingent of representatives (over 10).

Over the years one of the more enjoyable aspects of our jobs has been the opportunity to meet fans at live events. During the event, coL staff will be walking the floor looking for fans who have made compLexity, coL.MVP or coL.FinalBoss signs.  (Your sign needs a coL logo on it.)  Starting Friday, the signs will be noted and evaluated over the course of the weekend. The winner will be announced on the site contacted by compLexity staff.

This will be the first of our two live-on-sight contests for the weekend.  Here’s more info:

Prize: SoundBlaster Sigma Headset and $200 CASH
How to Enter: Your poster must have a large compLexity logo and a SoundBlaster logo
How You Win: compLexity staff will identify the best posters and choose a winner who will be contacted at the event and receive the prize Saturday night or Sunday morning.

If you’re in the area, be sure to come out and enjoy the event!  We’d love to meet you and help make your MLG experience just a bit more fun.  Thanks very sincerely for all your support over the years.

See you in Providence! YOUR source for professional gaming news and (contest!) entertainment!