compLexity Store Opens!

BY Andrew Miesner / March 2, 2012

Today everyone in compLexity Gaming is happy to announce that we have released our new clothing store! Over the past nine months we have received numerous requests for coL clothing and after looking around for the best option for our fans we have settled on a Spreadshirt shop.

Each purchase you make helps support our organization financially but we have intentionally kept our margins low so that your prices are as low as possible. We will be continually adding new items to the shop including a coL.NaDa shirt that is currently being designed. If you purchase an item, be sure to save your digital receipt as it will be your entry into a new series of contests this Spring.

In addition, we are accepting shirt designs. If we choose your submission and sell it in our shop we will pay you $200 cash. The designs can have anything to do with eSports and don’t have to be compLexity specific. (Please note we anticipate receiving many designs and only releasing a few of them so set your expectations accordingly.) If you are interested in submitting a design, email it to [email protected].

Thanks in advance to everyone who considers a purchase. We sincerely appreciate your support and are working harder than ever to earn it.



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