We are excited to be hosting free Summer Break Educational Camps Presented by Lenovo Legion. Together, we will be providing kids with the opportunity to explore the world of gaming and esports. From Production and Live Streaming to 3D Modeling, the camp will touch on many facets of the industry.

* Open to kids aged 8 – 14

10AM – 3PM

For questions and concerns, please [email protected]

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Camp Outline

DAY 1 Introduction to Different Video Game Genres Provide an overview of various video game genres, including examples and gameplay footage. Discuss the unique characteristics and gameplay mechanics of each genre.
Character Background Story Creation Using CHATGPT Introduce CHATGPT as a tool for generating creative character background stories. Guide the students in using CHATGPT to create unique and engaging stories for their characters.
A Word from Our Host and Sponsor Host a lunchtime session where a representative from Lenovo Legion Esports Center shares insights and experiences related to game development and esports.
Character Design Using Midjourney.io Introduce Midjourney.io as a platform for character design. Guide the students in designing their characters, considering their background stories and the visual elements.
End of Day Recess: Gaming Session
DAY 2 Recap of Day 1 Session Allow students to briefly share their character background stories and showcase their designs. Encourage discussion and feedback among the students.
3D Modeling with Blender Provide an introductory session on 3D modeling using Blender. Teach the students basic modeling techniques and allow them to create simple 3D models.
Creating an Among Us Character Guide the students through the process of creating an Among Us character using Blender. Assist them in adding textures, colors, and fine details. This activity will continue for the remainder of the day, with a lunch break in between.
DAY 3 Catching Up on 3D Models Allow students to work on their 3D models, adding any remaining details or making improvements.
Character Color or Texture Painting Provide guidance on color theory and texture painting techniques.Students will have the opportunity to add colors or textures to their 3D character models.
Animation Introduce the basics of animation and rigging in Blender. Assist the students in creating simple animations for their characters.
DAY 4 Production Work and Live Streaming Discuss what makes a good production in the context of game development and live streaming. Highlight the importance of audio, video, commentary, and presentation skills.
Production Requirements Explain the equipment and software needed for successful game production and live streaming.
Let's Test Drive Students will work in teams to create a mock script centered around gaming. The scripts will be judged by facility or team members of Complexity. The winning team's script will be used in a livestream for promotional purposes.
DAY 5 Hands-on Coaching Session and Mini Tournament Introduce the game Valorant and organize a mini tournament.
Hands-on Coaching Session and Mini Tournament Introduce the game Valorant and organize a mini tournament.