compLexity takes 2nd in Vanguard Gaming Open

BY Andrew Miesner / September 23, 2012

compLexity takes 2nd in Vanguard Gaming Open

After a succesful first day of the Vanguard Gaming Open, compLexity.HoN has fallen short in the finals stage of the tournament by going down 2-0 to TradeMark eSports. Unfortunately due to some personal circumstances, Jeppe “Haxxeren” Jenson was unable to play in the days tournament, meaning coL.HoN had to use a ringer.

The regular substitute, Mark “Ensoe” Maljik” was also unable to make the matches so thankfully Mark “Tralfamadore” Seidl, a former member of the team turned commentator for Honcast stepped up to sub in for the team and helped them to at least make the Grand Final of the tournament.

This is the first loss the team has had under the compLexity banner and the team has so far done an amazing job in representing the team in HoN competitions. With this second place finish the team still takes home $500.

The final brackets from the second stage: