Complexity Upper Bracket

BY Andrew Miesner / January 10, 2010

by Sascha “Yiska” Heinsich

It couldn’t possibly be better for you radicoL’s as both teams made it into the upper bracket finals, which also of course means that we got at least one team in the finals. As we all hoped Snutz was indeed a key player in the games against SK-EG. Everything that we radicoL’s wished for – seeing how they performed at the Allstar tournament – worked out.

Also coL.Black was able to surprise everyone possibly including themselves in running the prot warrior, which has been causing quite some controversy lately. Toez said in his interview with MLG that they didn’t really plan to run it but it seemed like a good move since Button Bashers repeatendly proclaimed Prot warriors as their nemesis. It should all go well. Here is a quick rundown of the matches of this historical battle of these two teams:

Game One

Blades Edge. Hiren gets stunned by wolves and BB thinks that they will go on the Rogue at this point therefore Numberone stands in a very open position. As the CD of aimed shot fades Twixz switches on Numberone and he has to blow PS. Flexx connects and rides it out simply through painsup. 1-0 coL.Black

Game Two

Nothing much changed despite the map. Against Numberone is the target of choice and this time around the HoJ sits golden. While Flexx still gets low it doesn’t get dangerous. BB needs to deny a clean opener for Flexx or they will lose because of lack of momentum. 2-0 coL.Black

Game Three

RoL and Numberone stands in the worst possible position to stand in with BM popped on him but Orange does a great job at peeling. As they take it out to the grave Toez takes the wrong turn and gets poly’d in the process or he would’ve los’d Flexx. BB is sitting hard on Flexx who goes down in the process. Apparently he forgot Heroism. 2-1 coL.Black

Game Four

Game four on Nagrand. This time coL.Black shows that they are no one trick pony as they go for Orange who immediately has to block as well. BB tries to switch it up as well and go on Twixz for a bit which forces both deterrence and bubble because Toez was standing in the middle of the arena open for CC. As the bubble gets MD’d, BB switches on Toez who is still quite far away from the pillar but he still makes it behind it. For some odd reason Toez decides to eat another shot of the elemental and a lance which ultimately brings him into 20% range and Hiren finishes him. The match again is incredibly close. Tied at 2-2.

Game Five

OH NO THEY DIDN’T. coL.Black switches to Prot warrior instead of Enhancement shaman and the game just gets sick from there on. While Flexx has to pop shield wall relatively early it’s pretty insane what amount of dmg he deals. They switch it up to Hiren but BB sits on Toez who has to bubble and shortly after in the next round of burst, Toez dies but so does Hiren. While it looks like Flexx goes down in a DF he pops last stand and while the viewer thinks the Priest is the one to look out for Orange dies in about 3 GCDs. 3-2 coL.Black

Game Six

Game six on RoL and they just get on Hiren who survives with 500hp and PS up because penance solves but it really seems BB is out of loop and Hiren gets destroyed. Flexx once again shows that he can play multiple classes at a high level. 4-2 coL.Black

In intern battle it once again will come down to Snutz who will be the player to look out for. Which comp will they run against coL.Black? We will find out shortly. RLD could work. I don’t think we will see them on Wizardcleave but we will see. It will be hard for coL.Red to win this match but I’m selfish enough to say that I’d really love to see an RMP mirror which also means coL.Red has to lose this. An all Make it happen.