compLexity Week in Review

BY Andrew Miesner / September 5, 2009

The compLexity Week in Review will be a weekly write-up chronicling the latest week’s happenings for compLexity and its teams.

Oh Canada!

The 2009 Canadian Fan Expo took place last weekend, and among the anime, comic, sci-fi, horror and gaming expositions, the WCG Canadian Finals took place featuring the seemingly top crop of Canadian talent, including compLexity’s very own Canadian CS squad, and FIFA player, Matt “Wikazor” Wood.
In a small, 4-team round robin for Counter-Strike, managed to finish 2nd after their three matches, and moved into the semi-finals against in a best-of-3 setup, with the winner playing NoPression in the finals. was able to take the first match on de_dust2, by a score of 16-5, before dropping the next map, de_nuke, 16-8. Coming down to the final map, started out strong finishing the first half with a score of 12-3, but couldn’t carry that momentum over as they lost 13 straight rounds to lose the match, and their chance at representing Canada in China.

On the virtual pitch, there was a little bit of a different story, as Wikazor’s lucky number seemed to be the number two, winning the majority of his FIFA matches by a score of 2-1 against his opponents, including a second 2-1 win over Fiji in the finals.

Congrats to Matt as he will be representing Canada and compLexity in China!

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Texas Showdown

Way down south on the very same weekend, coL.WoW was taking on some of the top WoW talent in the world at MLG’s Dallas event at the Hilton Anatole. With Alex “JaX” Conroy, and Jason “Anomoly” Bass in attendance, along with coL staffer Scott “Popcorn1” Ford, it was a compLexity affair down in Dallas.

Having finished the round robin with a respectable 4-3 record, coL.WoW moved on to the bracket stage with their first matchup against x6tence. Having fallen to the Spaniards in the round robin, coL.WoW didn’t find their footing in this match either, losing 3-1 and dropping to the lower bracket.

The next matchup saw coL.WoW, and newly acquired Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein, face off against fellow Americans representing the Fnatic squad. Going in with a solid game plan, coL.WoW managed to split the first two maps before closing out the next two, defeating Fnatic 3-1.

On the other side of the bracket, eMg handily disposed of x6tence, setting up a third matchup against coL.WoW; and as has happened the previous two times during this event, x6tence came out on top by a score of 3-1.

With that, compLexity’s World of Warcraft team placed 3rd overall in a competitive and packed MLG Dallas event, and they definitely deserve a round of applause.

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All’s Quiet on the Home Front

Back at home during this past week, coL.cs was seemingly quiet in taking care of business in their online dealings for CEVO and ESEA.

First up for ESEA, coL.cs met up with Loaded on de_inferno. Facing seemingly little resistance through the first half, coL.cs came away with the first half 10-5; the second half was more of the same, as coL.cs closed out the match winning 16-8.

Frag Dominant also offered seemingly little resistance, as coL.cs jumped out to a 13-2 lead in their CEVO match on de_train. Despite shoring up the 3rd and 4th round of the second half and avoiding the loss, FD couldn’t keep the momentum going as they dropped the 5th round and the match, by a score of 16-4.

Finishing the week’s matches for coL.cs saw them pitted against EG and j1n. Unfortunately for fans, the EG match was rescheduled, but the j1n match still proceeded as planned.

Taking place for CEVO, the j1n matchup was played on de_russka where much like the rest of the week, coL.cs handily had success in the server, starting off the first half with a 12-3 score. Despite trading the earlier rounds in the second half, coL.cs stopped any chance at continuing by winning 16-6.

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A Look Ahead

First up starting this week off, is a brand new contest with compLexity and Creative. Head on over here to check out the details for this great contest, and a chance to win Creative’s newest headset!

Confirmed, coL.cs will take on EG tonight! Keep your eyes fixed on for any news and updates regarding upcoming matches.

This has been your compLexity Week in Review.