compLexity Welcomes Asmodai to Stream Team

BY Andrew Miesner / June 1, 2016

Hearthstone and streaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. The card game of Blizzard was an instant success on Twitch with both entertainment for the casual fans and the ones looking to go above and beyond in the realm of competition. compLexity Gaming has always been about both parts with one of the best competitive rosters throughout the games tenure, but never losing sight of the “entertainment” aspect with members like Noxious and Ryzen. We have always valued both and today we are proud to announce the arrival of the full-package – Christoffer “Asmodai” Stub.

Almost every fan of Hearthstone has heard of the Norwegian streamer Asmodai, as he is a long-time member of the community and a long-time streamer on Twitch. From the beginning he didn’t always value the tryhard grind to the top, but rather the entertainment value and interaction with his viewers. What he still gets is the top legend placements though, creating one of the greater stream synergies in Hearthstone. Creative and entertaining decks, an interactive host, methods of communication beyond just Twitch chat – obviously referring to the Snapchat action – Asmodai has developed a fanbase and a product that everyone should envy.

Now he has decided to join up with compLexity Gaming to take it to the next level and grow his stream even further. The cap-wearing Norwegian will sport the swooshes from now on, joining our Stream team.

“I’ve decided to join compLexity Gaming after being teamless for almost a month now.”, Asmodai said about this new opportunity. “It’s a team which has a lot of players that I respect and is a team I think I can grow with and get the tools and support to achieve my goals.”

Sören Vendsahm, Manager of coL.HS had this to say:

“I am very happy to see Asmo on compLexity Gaming. I’ve been a long-time viewer of his and always enjoyed his general attitude towards the game, bad beats, the community. I don’t think there is anyone out there with a better positive vibe when it comes to streaming. Incredibly happy to have him on board.”

Asmodai will not be in the Hearthstone competitive team though, as he is focusing all his energy on growing his stream and putting on a good show day-in and day-out. Taking a break from streaming for tournaments is currently not on his mind – don’t worry Asmodai fans!

To welcome our newest addition make sure to follow Asmodai on Twitter at coL_Asmodai and Twitch at to catch the first glimpse of him in compLexity Gaming.

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