compLexity Welcomes Heart

BY Andrew Miesner / February 17, 2012

Today, as promised, we’re very excited to announce the second of our three new teammates.  He may not have the legendary track record and reputation of coL.NaDa but we are just as excited as we honestly believe he has the skill, work ethic and dedication to become a top player in the world. 

Please welcome Kim Min Hyuk (aka Heart) to compLexity.SC2!

coL.HeartcoL.Heart is a Terran player who had Broodwar roots and was most recently with TSL in Korea.  While researching Korean players his name was consistently mentioned as someone we should keep an eye on.  Just over a week ago he defeated Bomber 2-1 in GSL and coincidentally contacted us asking about opportunities in compLexity.  We knew then it was time to bring him into the family to bolster our presence in the region.  We’re happy to have him as a teammate and are looking foward to his Code A match next week.

Please welcome Heart to the team!


Heart’s Fan Club
Heart’s Twitter
TL Wiki


Tomorrow we announce the third addition to coL.SC2!  Stay tuned!


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