compLexity Welcomes HelpingHans to Stream Team

BY Andrew Miesner / October 8, 2015

The compLexity family is always looking for new opportunities and new faces to support in any game. With good teams in Dota 2, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of Newerth and Heroes of the storm, the foundation of the organization is outlined, with an emerging class of streamers helping the core.

About a year ago the Stream Team initiative started with popular Canadian Hearthstone streamer Noxious, followed by AsiaAmore and fellow Hearthstone personality Ryzen. Today we are now proud to announce the fourth member of the stream team, and with him a completely unique and undervalued game in the RTS genre – James ‘HelpingHans’ Whiteside from Company of Heroes 2.

The 21 year old Brit is one of the most popular figures of the CoH2 community, with an entertaining and growing streaming presence, as well as the skills to lead every faction of Company of Heroes 2 into battle. Slated as one of the most versatile players of the game, HelpingHans has occupied the top 10 1v1 ladder, using every faction over the past month. Currently the command of the Soviet troops and the German army are netting him a spot on those ladder lists still.

Outside of pure ladder domination, HelpingHans is holding true to his name, trying to make the community a better and more friendly place. With educational streaming sessions, sub events, on-air coaching and great attitude, he is on the verge of becoming the face of a rising game in the quiet RTS genre.