Complexity Welcomes Our Newest Accounting & Operations Interns

BY Andrew Miesner / July 13, 2022

Complexity’s Nicole Thurman, Controller, launches our very-own Accounting & Operations Internship Program. This week (July 13, 2022), two new talented individuals, Alerra Wheeler and Trevon Jenkins join the team in the first cohort of the internship program.

Nicole graduated from South Carolina State University in 2007, and has always strived to staying connected with her university. Through the internship program, she worked with SCSU, Terrance Tucker and Dr. Adams to pick two of their best candidates for this hands-on experience with our esports organization’s business operations.

Creating opportunities for students at my alma-mater has been something I’ve always wanted to do ever since I’ve been in a position to be able to do so. Historically Black Colleges & Universities sometimes don’t get as many opportunities like this, so this was my way of ‘opening the door’ for students as someone ‘opened the door’ for me.


Complexity has completely supported the creation of this internship program from start to finish, and creating this opportunity for students of color. This is something I don’t really see much of in the esports/gaming industry, and I’m super excited to see not only the program grow – but the students we bring on grow individually.


A huge focus of mine is to give the students an opportunity to meet with staff of all of our departments (partnerships, marketing, social, video, talent) so they get an idea of how that team works and what interests them the most.


Our mission statement here at Complexity is ‘putting people first’ and I want to make sure that my student mentees not only feel that way, but actively see that mission statement reinforced. Not only will they be able to get hands-on experience, they’ll also be able to form personal connections with our staff & departments and get advice from other talented individuals.

– Nicole Thurman, Controller

Alerra C. Wheeler is a sophomore Accounting major from Price George’s County, Maryland. She is involved in the National Association of Black Accountants, Honors College, Campus Activity Board, and Beta Alpha Psi Honor Organization.

I enjoy exploring new environments and traveling. I am most excited about learning new perspectives in the accounting field, and being able to experience this opportunity!


Trevon Jenkins is a senior Accounting major from Charleston, South Carolina. He is involved as a U.S. Army ROTC Cadet, and his hobbies include playing video games.

I am excited to meet new people at the office, hearing their backgrounds, and working for an esports company!



This is just the start of Complexity’s Internship Program that actively seeks the next-generation of talented, diverse, and unique individuals. If you are interested in more information about the program, email [email protected].