compLexity welcomes Praetoriani – ThorZaIN, NightEnD & Lloth

BY Andrew Miesner / May 2, 2011

Today the compLexity Syndicate is thrilled to announce that we have made substantial additions to our StarCraft 2 squad in order to bolster our efforts in the burgeoning scene.  It has been, and continues to be our goal to field a top tier global team and we are confident that our newest additions will help us take a large leap in that direction.

We ask that you welcome to following members (previously of Praetoriani) to the compLexity Family:


Marcus “ThorZaIN” Eklöf

Marcus has quickly been becoming one of the strongest Terran players in the world.  His roots are in WarCraft 3, and initially played with Online Kingdom before joining Praetoriani in November of 2010.  Most recently he was seen advancing deep into the TSL3 brackets.  We are confident his skill and innovative play will be a strong asset for the year to come.


Silviu “NightEnD” Lazar

Silviu is an amazing Protoss player from Romania.  He also has his roots in the WarCraft 3 community and started playing StarCraft 2 early in the Beta.  He also had a recent run in TSL3 and finished 3rd at the The Gathering in Norway.  We are excited for him to bring his amazing work ethic to the team.



Along with Marcus and Silviu we were fortunate enough to bring the former head manager of Praetoriani into the compLexity management team. 

Jaco “Lloth” van Dijk

Jaco, who hails from the Netherlands, was one of the brilliant minds behind Praetoriani.  He is an accountant by day and has previous eSports management experience with PGS, nGize and Raptor Gaming.  He will be manager of compLexity’s StarCraft ventures in Europe.



Both ThorZaIn and NightEnD were interviewed after The Gathering 2011. In the interview, they discuss the event, as well as the TSL3.


We’re very excited about these additions and about StarCraft 2 in general.  We welcome all the Praetoriani fans to the coL Community and promise to do our best to make all of you proud.

Welcome ThorZaIN, NightEnD and Lloth here!


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