Complexity welcomes SC2!

BY Andrew Miesner / December 28, 2010

Today the Syndicate is thrilled to announce the addition of NOVA as our Starcraft 2 division. While we have had a singe player in the past, the addition of this full squad marks the beginning of a strong commitment for Complexity in Starcraft 2. The squad of five has both known stars as well as up and coming talents, which will serve as a fantastic base for Complexity and it’s fans in 2011.


We are very pleased with the acquisition of Nova. Beyond being great players, these guys have the intangibles that make Complexity what it is. Their work ethic, overall mindset, and attitude are completely in line with what I look for in players and I am very excited to be working with them in 2011. Our incredible fans finally have a SC2 squad to support! Merry Christmas. – Alex Conroy, Chief Development Officer

After having been a longtime fan complexity and looking around for a supportive environment to foster team and individual player growth, I am proud to say that we can now call ourselves members of the giant known as coL. I speak for all my teammates when I say we are very excited with this move and hope to show both coL and the rest of the competitive world what we got. Expect big things from us in the future.”  – Ryan “Ryan” Rushia

Also, the team is currently nominated to take part in the Gosu coaching league. Please show your support by voting for Complexity (No registration required). 

coL.sc2 is:

 Sung “Stalife” Min Park 
 Victor “Antimage” Poon 
 Sam “FireZerg” Prowse 
 John “Ganon” Kang 
 Ryan “Ryan” Rushia