compLexity Welcomes SimCity; QXC Swarms Urban Management

BY Andrew Miesner / April 1, 2013

It is with great joy that today we can finally announce that compLexity Gaming will be branching out into the ever-growing world of City-Building games. With the release of Sim City last month, we felt that the time was right. Don’t let AI pathfinding, graphical glitches and a lack of Cheetah mode get you down! We’re confident that this roster has the population density, land value and economic fortitude to secure the throne in today’s competitive region-to-region multiplayer environment.

With this change, fan-favorite Kevin “qxc” Riley will be making the transition from the coL.SC2 roster to coL.SimCity. Kevin had this to say about the move:

“I believe that this a natural progression for me. It’s been an amazing run, but bunker rushes don’t compare to the pure adrenaline of urban management. I’d like to thank my teamates for their support and the Sim City servers for staying online long enough for me to master the game.”

coL.Sim City

  • Jason “1” Lake
    • Specialty: Business City
  • Scott “Popcorn” Ford
    • Specialty: Gambling/Entertainment City
  • Brian “Ghost Outlaw” Jackson
    • Specialty: Sewage Treatment
  • Kevin “qxc” Riley
    • Specialty: Macroeconomics/Mining


Once again, we’d like to welcome the new team! Stay tuned for further news regarding coL.Sim City, as they will be competing in online-only events (due to the lack of offline gameplay) throughout the coming months. Also, check out the new coL.DotA team!