compLexity Welcomes Stream Team Additions

BY Andrew Miesner / March 8, 2016

Today we are pleased to announce several new members to the compLexity Gaming Stream Team.  Each of the following new members bring their own unique flair (at minimum 15 pieces) to our organization and we encourage you to hang out with them in their streams.

In no specific order, we present to you:  Loyan, GoodGirlMiwa and Sickmotion!



Loyan has been streaming Hearthstone for two years and left university to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time streamer and professional player. His favorite class is Shaman and he looks forward to playing in more tournaments in the near future and streaming on a daily basis.  He is currently running a 365 day streaming challenge, which he has been running since September 2015.



GoodGirlMiwa is a 23 year old Swedish streamer who has been playing games her whole life. With her outgoing persona and endless energy she shortly grew a large audience and is today the owner of one of Sweden’s biggest Twitch channels. Miwa usually streams CS:GO but other games might occur. Instead of focusing on high end gameplay, Mia’s stream primarily works around viewer interaction and entertainment.



Like many gamers of his generation, Sickmotion has been playing video games almost all of his life, long before he was playing them for a living. The focus of his stream has been to balance entertainment with informative commentary with hopes of helping his viewers improve in their own games. Although primarily a league streamer, he is looking to start branching out to other games on ocassion and share the experience with his viewers.

The goal of the compLexity Gaming Stream Team is to help promote and grow streaming talent that does not always fit the competitive mold.  

“Competition is one of humanities greatest driving forces.  Sometimes, though, it’s nice to take a break, sit back and do something a little different.  Loyan, Miwa and Sick Motion are all really great personalities and we are proud to support their streams just as we would any of our competitive players,” said Brian Jackson, Stream Manager. “We hope to do a lot of new, fun and interesting things and plan to continue to grow our Stream Team.”

Be on the lookout for more new additions to the compLexity Gaming Stream Team in the near future!

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