Console Game Sales Slide; SC2 Lifts PC

BY Andrew Miesner / August 13, 2010

Console game sales fell 1 percent in July, but with the release of StarCraft II PC sales rose 103 percent. This helped to increase overall game sales by 4 percent for the month.

Last July sales of Console game hardware, software and accessories was $850.6 million, dropping 1 percent this year to $846.5 million. Hardware sales were up 12 percent, to $313.8 million in sales because of the release of the slimmer version of the Xbox 360

XBox 360 is the leading console for the second month in a row, selling 443,500 units. The Nintendo DS comes in second with 398,400 units sold. PlayStation 3 only managed to sell 214,500 units, but Sony says sales are up 45 percent year-to-date in the United States.

Microsoft is stating its hardware has outsold PlayStation 3 for seven straight months and the Wii for two. In the month of July a total of $290 million was spent on Xbox 360 products.

In the last four days of July StarCraft II sold 721,000 copies.


Source: venturebeat