Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta Live

BY Andrew Miesner / November 30, 2011

Tonight Valve released the Beta for their highly anticipated shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Unfortunately it’s currently a closed Beta, so only those lucky few who managed to get their hands on a Beta key will have access to it.

What exactly is available in the Beta? For starters there are two maps, fan favorites de_dust and de_dust2, and the only playable game mode will be the tried and true Defusal mode. There will also only be one skin available for each side, the notorious Elite Crew Terrorist model and Seal Team Six for Counter-Terrorists. It’s important to note that this Beta build of CSGO is a more recent and updated build than the Alpha used in the showmatches at PAX, Eurogamer, IEM NYC and Dreamhack.



If you didn’t get a Beta key, no need to fret. Valve has previously stated that the Beta will eventually be available to everyone, they are just starting out with a limited number for right now. In the mean time click here for a list of Live Streams where you can check out what’s new in CSGO.