Counter Strike Manager opens to the world

BY Andrew Miesner / July 14, 2009

Counter Strike Manager opens to the world

Have you ever wanted to be the man in charge of your favorite CS team? Making all the player moves, dealing with sponsors, contracting staff to help your team grow? If so then you should check out CSM! CSM, or Counter-Strike Manager, is a real time, management style game that you play from your favorite web browser that allows you to take charge of a CS team and control every aspect of the team from training of players to tactics, sponsors and who plays on your team! In CSM, you have total control over


your team and what direction it goes in and in turn, how successful it is. You can watch all your games in 2D-Live, the java based game engine that allows you to view your matches LIVE in 2D!


CSM has seen it’s 32nd season of competition come to an end and we’ve had quite a bit of results to talk about from this past season. For starters, the Survivor Cup has wrapped up and we have a champion,


matze’lala from Germany with his team, insTinct Gaming. matze was able to pull the victory over the favorite, SpiDevil from Portugal, by defeating him in a best of 3, taking the 8 time Champions League gold winner to 3 maps. All 3 games were tight and matze earned a hard fought victory in a Daivd meets Goliath type battle.


In other news, the Seasonal Champions League wrapped up as well. Each Season, The top 40 teams in CSM face off against one another to see who really is the top dawg. They start out in group play and the top two from each of the 8 groups then pass along to a double elim playoff bracket. In each of the past 5 seasons, we’ve seen a new champion after a long run by SpiDevil on top. This season though saw SpiDevil return to victory by edging out trickman from france on de_aztec 14-10. AtumComMel won the bronze medal from last seasons champion, g0rilla, 14-10 on de_dust2.


This season has seen CSM open it’s doors to the entire world to play! If you do not see your country listed on the list, simply choose “CSM Country” and BAM, you’re in! Obviously the sooner you register, the higher up you’ll be ranked in this new area of competition and registration is FREE! With competitions for all levels of managers to play, with ingame and REAL prizes to be won, CSM has levels of competition and fun for everyone! Head on over to to register today for your chance to become one of CSM’s very best managers!