Counter-Strike Turns 10!

BY Andrew Miesner / June 18, 2009

Ten years ago, June 18, 1999, Counter-Strike was first released as beta. In November 1999 de_dust, de_nuke and de_prodigy were added to the game. In 2000, the developers of CS joined up with Valve.

In 1999 there was only a few maps and the colt zoom. The AK-47 did not enter the game until August of the same year. It took about 16 months and in November of 2000, we saw version 1.0 of Counter-Strike.

The game that has become the most successful mod, being in the Guinness World Record Gaming edition, for selling over 9 million retail copies worldwide.

Below are the beta screens for counter-strike.

Source: SK-Gaming
Beatscreen images from ESL