CPL & Munoz in Bed Again

BY Andrew Miesner / September 22, 2010

Today, more news featuring the CPL was released as they have announced that WuLong Ventures, the new owner of the organization, has once agained partnered with NewWorld, the investment brand owned and managed by Angel Munoz, the former head of the CPL.

Exactly one month ago, we reported that WuLong and NewWorld had reached the final stages of the “buyout,” with NewWorld handing over all rights and interests in the company. However, with this announcement, it appears that NewWorld will not be a controlling interest in the company, but instead the licensed provider of content to WuLong Ventures and its partners.

Adrenaline Vault had this to say via its website:


We are excited to be able to offer the Adrenaline Vaultʼs content throughout our growing network of video game websites,” says WoLong Ventures’ Chairman of the Board, Frank Yong. “Furthermore, we will be sharing the content with several corporate partners, like StarHub Ltd. and Sgamer Technology Co. Ltd.


It is undetermined as to what role Angel Munoz himself will play in the new CPL, however we will provide you with news and updates on the situation when they become available.

Controversy has surrounded the new CPL for close to a year now after Tonya Welch, a well known e-Sports personality came forward in a blog about Scott Valencia and his roll in the organization, as well as his past roll in the CGS and WSVG.

More information on the partnership can be found by clicking here.