Crack Clan swap two

BY Andrew Miesner / September 8, 2009

Today the Finnish team Crack Clan have made two roster changes. The last performace for the team was at IOL 4, where they lost in the semi-finals to H2k-Gaming. The team is currently competing in Finlands Extreme Masters qualifier and have qualified for WCG Grand Finals in Chengdu, China in November.

Joining the team will be Samu ‘plastE‘ Aalto and Max ‘ruuit‘ Aspe. They will be replacing Matti ‘SPIKEONE‘ Jarvinen and Miikka ‘dRim‘ Toroi.

Joona ‘natu‘ Leppanen gave the following statement to SK-Gaming.

After a summer with 3 straight disappointments it was more or less obvious things weren’t working as they were. This forced us to analyze what were the reasons behind our previous failures. We feel that the aggressive minded play and previous experience from tournaments that these two new players bring is something that will make us a better team. I would like to thank both Matti and Miikka for all their efforts. Unfortunately it didn’t work as we wished and it’s time to wish them good luck with what they choose to do.

Crack Clan debuted their new roster today against Elukkaveljekset, where they beat them 2-1, in a BO3 series.

Crack Clan 1.6 is now:

Joona ‘natu’ Leppanen
Niko ‘naSu’ Kovanen
Tino ‘tihOp’ Puumala
Max ‘ruuit’ Aspe
Samu ‘plastE’ Aalto