CrunCher’s Fight to the Championship Bracket

BY Andrew Miesner / June 4, 2011

CrunCher’s Fight to the Champ’s Bracket: Saturday

by Alex “Yuenanimous” Yue

Day two of MLG Columbus started out pretty rough for CunCher considering he was undefeated the day before. The first match of the day saw CrunCher get knocked down to the losers bracket at the hands of EGAxslav with a score of 0-2.

Not one to be discouraged, CrunCher returned to his hotel to rest up for his first game in the losers bracket which was much later on in the day. Coming back in round 8 of the losers bracket, CrunCher faced off against one of the stars of the mini-documentary StarDreams, ONEwbc1 (aka WannaBeCool). After an easy 2-0 victory for CrunCher he then went on to the last round of the losers bracket where he took on eMgDarkCell. Again, CrunCher easily put the crunch on his opponent with a score of 2-0.

CrunCher had now made it to the big leagues, the losers end of the championship bracket. His first match was against Agh_Antec on Metalopolis. CrunCher anticipated a 4 Gate from Agh, so he opened with the 3 Stalker counter. Unfortunately for CrunCher Agh opened with a fast phoenix build, essentially containing CrunCher with the threat of worker harassment. Both players sat on one base powering up, CrunCher waiting to move out at the first sign of weakness, Agh posturing to get the best advantage whenever the engagement came. Eventually Agh took a risk going for an expansion at the gold base. CrunCher cleverly waiting for Agh to transfer his probes so that his strike would do maximum damage (both to Agh’s army and economy). Unfortunately for CrunCher, Agh had worked in several Immortals into his army, which made short work of CrunCher’s Stalker heavy ball. CrunCher had to tap out when his push backfired.

Game two was on Tal’Darim Altar and saw one of the most thrilling base races of the entire tournament. Both Agh and CrunCher opened with the infamous 4 Gate rush, CrunCher going on the offensive and Agh defending. CrunCher smartly placed his forward Pylon down by where Agh’s second expansion would go. By showing a weaker force at the ramp, CrunCher managed to bait Agh out into the open, allowing his warped-in units to sneak in behind and start hammering away on Agh’s Warpgates. Realizing he couldn’t take CrunCher’s forces head on, Agh crossed the map forcing a base race. Luckily for CrunCher the Probe that warped in the forward Pylon was never discovered, so he was able to get a second Nexus up with out Agh knowing. With no Nexus and a much weaker force Agh had no choice but to GG.

Game three was on Xel’Naga Caverns and saw Agh open with a proxy gateway inside CrunCher base. In an amazing micro battle that lasted for several minutes, CrunCher somehow managed fend off the rush while getting Warpgate tech out. Using his scouting probe to plat a proxy Pylon in Agh’s natural CrunCher had no problem marching up the ramp and ending the game.

With Agh out of the way CrunCher then had to go toe to toe with the NASL caster Gretorp. Game one was an epic match on Tal’Darim Alter which saw CrunCher utilize every building in the Protoss army to defeat his foe. Gretorp opened with a Reaper expand into a heavy defensive posture. CrunCher went with a fast expand eventually working up to Templar tech. Using a Warp Prysm to constantly harass and Dark Templar to control the map, CrunCher easily expanded all over. Eventually working off 14 Warpgate, 2 Robos and a StarGate, CrunCher fielded the ultimate death ball of Archons, Colossus and a Mothership. Despite some great Ghost play, Gretorp was unable to hold off the attack and had to GG.

Game two was on Shattered Temple and saw Gretorp open with the same Reaper expand into turtle. CrunCher went with the 3 Gate expo eventually getting Colossus on the field. Both players powered up on two based, CrunCher getting out the classic Stalker, Zealot, Sentry, Colossus death ball and Gretorp doing the standard MMM plus Ghosts. With a perfectly timed pushed CrunCher easily walked over Gretorp for the win.

Tomorrow CrunCher will take on ROOT Gaming’s KiWiKaKi in Round 3 of the losers Championship Bracket.