CS Promod Website Launched

BY Andrew Miesner / October 11, 2009

CS Promod, oft-considered the pipe dream of traditionalists of Counter-Strike, has re-launched a brand new website tonight.

This will be the primary area for CS fans to converge to view progress and mod features, share thoughts on CSP and its future, as well as download the beta and give feedback to help improve and shape what is made out to be a community project.

In the initial posting on the website by Alex “chibsquad” Garfield, among an informative background of information, offers an explanation on the new site features:

Developer Logs: The community has long clamored for a bigger, and more frequent, window into the game’s development process. Now that we’re actually at a point where we have a good game to update you all on, we’re happy to provide that window. Check out our dev logs to learn about everything from how we tweaked fall damage values, to the most recent visual update of csp_nuke.

Forums & Community Polling: The most important part of the website in terms of the growth and success of the project. Join our community and participate in the CSPromod development process by providing your thoughts and feedback in our polls and forums.

Media Page: We’ve put together a more organized, recently-updated media page with map screenshots, model updates, and (soon) gameplay videos.

Development Team Roster: Learn more about who’s behind CSPromod, and about how to hunt down Alex when you find something that you don’t like (note: seriously, please don’t hunt down Alex).

Social Networking: To try and be as conformist as possible, we’ve updated CSPromod’s pages on Twitter, Facebook, ModDB, and the Steam Community. Please show your support by joining so we can provide you with important updates.

To view the rest of this post, or to make your voice heard, learn more about the beta, or any and all dealings with CSP in general, head on over to CSPromod.com for more information.