CSP 1.05 Changelog

BY Andrew Miesner / January 28, 2011

The developers for CSPromod have released a changelog for their upcoming release of CSPromod BETA 1.05. The update mainly consists of new models and animations that the game lacked in the previous version. There are also several bug and map fixes, an enhanced GUI, and added weapons.

A quick excerpt:


* Ported CSPromod to the Orange Box Engine
* Added 1.6-style Orange Box blood goosh particles
* Added localization files to help translate the game
* Added functionality to allow all players including the planter to stand on the bomb
* Added the ability to open a door with the bomb or a weapon (even on CS:S maps)
* Added a “The bomb is already being defused.” notification
* Added mp_limitteams
* Added a more optimized version of Valve’s bullet/water shots effects
* Added directional awareness to death animations
* Added a big csp icon for the Steam 2010 update
* Added custom JPEG library for spraypaint importing
* Added transition from animation to ragdoll upon death
* Defaulted tickrate to 100
* Removed planting the bomb making the player crouch
* Reverted event log to Valve’s default
* Reworked network settings
* Rewrote the bullet penetration code and improved upon it (Post Orange Box)
* Tweaked the area of picking up weapons to match CS 1.6


For the full changelog, click here