CSProMod 1.05 – End of January?

BY Andrew Miesner / January 1, 2011

Late yesterday, the CSProMod development team announced via their website that CSProMod 1.05 is scheduled to be released January 31st, barring any setbacks during the internal beta. The newest version, which is quoted to include “100% more models,” in reference to the new, resized models developed for the game, is expected to be released exactly 1 year to the day from when 1.04 was released to an eager fanbase. Unfortunately for CSProMod, the once eager community has dwindled to only a handful as no official announcements, updates or development logs have been released in an extended period of time. With a successful release, this can change in a heartbeat, however.

Below is an excerpt from the official announcement:


Hey hey now, we hear you guys. We’ve heard you for quite a while now and I guess it’s now my turn to be on the disappointing side but I’m at least here to tell you two things.

First, we’ve been working on the next beta for a while now and we’re really close to where we want to be and yet not just quite there. That’s the bad news, CSPromod will not be released in 2010 unfortunately.

Second and that’s the good part, we’ve got a release date (again) for you guys. It’s quite fitting in a sense that it’ll be the same as last time, just in another year. There’s one little catch with this release date though. I know you guys have been patient and waiting for this new version for a long time and you might be a bit angry you’re not getting it just yet, well have no fear!

The thing with this release date is, if we’re done before the release date, we’ll release the beta earlier and announce it on the website. If we find ourselve with the beta finished and polished by the 15th, we’ll just tell you all about it and release it as soon as the files are up on our servers. That’s how it’s going to go.

Again, I’d like to say thank you to all of you for the support you’ve given us over the last few months and the kind words.

All of us here at the CSP Team would like to wish you a happy new year and all the best for the next year. Take care of yourselves and have fun, cheers!


The official announcement and more on CSProMod can be found by clicking here.