CSProMod 1.06 Released

BY Andrew Miesner / March 4, 2011

The latest patch to CSProMod has been released on the CSP website. Version 1.06 features several major bug fixes that were embedded in the 1.05 release, as well as various map changes and tweaks. In order to install the 1.06 patch, version 1.05 must be installed first.

The changelog can be found below:


  • Cheat-flagged mat_diffuse, mat_crosshair_explorer, mat_showlowresimage, mat_drawtexture and mat_showlightmappage
  • Made the T player model as thick as the CT one
  • Tweaked the T player model head to be more square-like
  • Tweaked grenade gravity and origin to fix grenades flying too high
  • Tweaked AK-47 and M4A1 accuracy
  • Tweaked Glock 18 rate of fire
  • Tweaked pistol crosshair expansion (WIP)



  • Added 1.6-style arches
  • Added the missing spam spot at the B bombsite
  • Added a playerclip on top of the catwalk double crates
  • Added playerclips in front of the mid windows
  • Fixed a few graphical glitches
  • Fixed the T spawn wall height to allow middle peek to match 1.6
  • Fixed the T spawn displacement that allowed you to jump on top of the crates and peek cat from this spot
  • Fixed the long A displacement that allowed you to jump directly on top of the crate without any boost
  • Fixed the A bombsite crate size (the one in the corner) to match 1.6
  • Fixed not being able to plant on top of the A bombsite crates
  • Fixed the B displacement that allowed you to jump directly on top of the small wall
  • Tweaked the B window to only have a partial view of the B tunnels entry
  • Tweaked long A door and added a player clip in front of it so it doesn’t get in the way of players anymore
  • Tweaked B tunnels lighting to make them a bit brighter


  • Added 20 spawns on each team for public servers
  • Fixed 3D skybox model error


  • Added 20 spawns on each team for public servers

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed engine network bugs caused by alt-tab and similar actions (invisible or out-of-place players, swapped player models, …)
  • Fixed mp_restartgame not working during freezetime
  • Fixed in-air multi-ducking prohibition kicking in on ladders
  • Fixed issue where players would spawn in the middle of a map
  • Fixed possible net settings related crashes
  • Fixed out-of-the-box VALVe SDK physics crashes
  • Fixed player occupying the last slot in the server not showing up on the scoreboard
  • Fixed some typos in the main localization template (English)
  • Fixed in-game name being reset to Steam Friend name (and added “setname” ConCommand)
  • Fixed 7.1 surround sound option

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Added scrim/lo3 config files
  • Defaulted g_ragdoll_maxcount to 32
  • Improved some proportionality handling with screen panels
  • Optimized a small portion of the net_graph code
  • Tweaked scoreboard background colors and fixed an overlapping pixel line at last CT or Spectator player
  • Updated server config file


The latest version can be downloaded by clicking here.