CSPromod 1.07 Released

BY Andrew Miesner / September 4, 2011

Today, the developers over at CSPromod released CSPromod Beta 1.07. This has been a long awaited update to the source modification that gave players a CS 1.6 feel. This update focused mainly on bug squashing and weapon tweaking to get it as close to 1.6 as they can. In hopes that the Promod community will restart with the release, the developers are looking for community contribution for submitting bugs and crashlogs to help make the game more stable, and fun.

Changelog Excerpt

  • Added better blood goosh particles
  • Refactored MP5’s recoil
  • Refactored Famas’ burst fire mode recoil
  • Tweaked grenade throw position and velocity to be exactly like CS 1.6
  • Tweaked all rifles’ accuracy to be equivalent to CS 1.6
  • Tweaked Deagle’s accuracy
  • Tweaked AWP/Scout quickscoping
  • Tweaked crosshair cooldown rate
  • Tweaked crosshair sizes (cl_crosshair_size is now independent of cl_crosshair_advanced_scale)
  • Tweaked HE grenade damages
  • Tweaked tagging (player velocity reduction on getting hit)
  • Tweaked weapon drop trajectory to mimic 1.6
  • Tweaked air acceleration slightly
  • Tweaked footsteps while scoping with the AWP/Scout
  • Tweaked the FOV to remain equivalent across all resolutions; removing unfair advantages for wide-screen users
  • Updated maximum wall penetration distance from 128 to 768 units to match CS 1.6

For the complete changelog, click here.

For the official CSPromod website, click here.

For a link to the Download page, click here.