CSPromod 1.08 Released

BY Andrew Miesner / September 23, 2011

Today, the developers over at CSPromod released CSPromod Beta 1.08. This update shows that the developer team has been putting in some serious time and dedication to the modification. Several fixes were implemented in this update with some of the more popular issues such as crashes and the ability to jump down a hill during freezetime being resolved. Among the changlog, it was also mentioned that bot AI has been looked at and wil most likely be added in later versions.

Changelog Excerpt

  • Added blood fountain effect on headshot
  • Added flying ragdolls on death due to C4 and HE grenade
  • Improved spraying with all weapons by tweaking the random number generator
  • Improved spectator mode and fixed general jerkiness
  • Fixed and improved the death cam, it now follows the killer properly and switches to his point of view if the server allows it
  • Reduced network usage (can reduce choke)
  • Tweaked the spread of each pistol (Glock, USP, and Deagle)
  • Tweaked the rate of fire of all weapons to match CS 1.6 perfectly
  • Tweaked the scoreboard’s appearance slightly
  • Fixed crash occuring on map changes
  • Fixed bug allowing players to look through the ceiling when jumping in cramped areas (vents/under trains)
  • Started working on bots AI – improved navigation

For the complete changelog, click here.

For the official CSPromod website, click here.

For a link to the Download page, click here.